` Pandemic for North America, Break out the surgical masks, gloves and antiseptics!

GINA DAWN’S BLOG ~ June 2016  ` Pandemic for North America,                                    Break out the surgical masks, gloves and antiseptics!


When I First put  this blog out,  I was attacked,  and accused of being a racist.  I have had friends and associates of every creed, color and religion. So I don’t think that I am a racist.  but just to clarify, the  soul purpose  of this blog is to bring awareness about an impending healthcare crisis!  I would say that it is paramount for the future of North Americans and their children to be prepared for this pandemic that will hit North America  in the very near future.  if we allow the globalist bought off leaders like Obummer  and  Trudeau;  to bring more refugees into our countries.  you can see what  a syphilis induced,  or HIV induced rash looks like by clicking on the link  below.  but trust me it’s not a pretty sight.  furthermore these diseases are mutated  strains that are drug and antibiotic resistant.   I,  naïvely had thought that the CDC,  centre for disease control  and the WH0,  world health organization,  had  within their grandiose budgets the way worth all to step up and execute quarantine and healthcare? silly me!

 If you don’t believe me, perhaps you will believe Germany’s healthcare system!

                                             There is a pandemic about to overwhelm North America: Much of which Obama and Trudeau have already brought into the continent.If Obama is approved to cutting $2.6 billion from veterans health care while allocating 4.5 Billion To Muslim immigrants moving To America or who are already in the country, then we are all doomed to this dreadful agenda with the  establishment's plans of sophisticated eugenics and their slow kill by disease.
A handful of doctors in Sweden and Germany have blown the whistle. They are required by law to treat immigrants in an emergent situation. Muslim immigrants refuse to be treated by female physicians because of their religious beliefs that a woman cannot be above a man. Leaving hospitals overwhelmed, and financially distressed. This handful of doctors in Europe are speaking out that  roughly 60 to 65% of  Muslim  refugees, are  carriers  of  antibiotic and drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis, syphilis,  HIV and a host of exotic diseases that we in the western part of the world have none too little experience with. The European physician's say that they are forced to write prescriptions to migrants because they simply don't have enough sample medication on hand in hospitals, and when they do prescribe, migrants become increasingly violent and disruptive because they can't or don't want to pay for meds.

This leaves me less concerned about physical attack than pathogenic attack.  We cannot allow the leaders of  Canada or America to allow these refugees in or we are all destined to the slow kill of disease. It appears that The Slow Kill is merely sophisticated eugenics.
I am not prejudiced, nor racist and while I think we could and should find a practical solution to help these people.  The solution is definitely not by bringing them into our countries. When communicable diseases are flourishing shouldn't the first step to stop the disease be containment or quarantine? I have to ask governments where the hell is the WHO and the CDC and why are they not medically vetting immigrants? Who, "without prejudice" were probably given these diseases by the establishment to begin with. IMHO, because most of us know that the elite has been using people who live far below the poverty line as human test tubes  for a very long time. So it would appear, based on the fact that there is a historical wave of genocide of one race or another every generation or so. Countless Blacks were thrown overboard into the ocean if they got just a sniffle while being transported in slaver ships, many more were hung or beaten to death. The atrocities are innumerable. There was annihilation of Jews by Hitler, there was genocide in Bosnia, Rawanda, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda,Sudan and many other poverty-stricken places.Didn't that Zika virus come from the Gates foundation?                       It appears to be, that the elite are paranoid about running out of clean water and a healthy food supply. It is becoming more apparent that many of the elite are moving out of cities and building bunkers in the mountains and far off places. They are stockpiling weapons and ammo etc.

Perhaps if they knocked it off with the Chem trails, the GMO's , the cancer enzymes and other diseases they put in our vaccines, we may be able to clean up our planet and become unifiers,  which is what the "REAL DEAL" people of our world that I call heroes are trying to do. Real Deal peoples like Donald J. Trump!

These are my Real Deal heroes:

Donald J. Trump and his exceptional family;                                     Alex Jones and the info-wars warriors;                                                        Roger  Stone & his brilliant mind;                                                                                                   Judge Jeanine. Pirro and her “tell it like it is” flare;                                                                                 Stephan Molyneux and his hysterical sardonic wit!                                                                                             Larry Nichols and Lisa Haven exposing evil ones.                                                                             Chuck and Geena Norris;   stepping up!                                                                                                                                                                 Last but not least the truest of patriots:                                                 VETS, “Bikers and Truckers for Trump”  and American Liberty

In summation; I think that it is painfully obvious that Obama’s push to International order  is just a cloak for the New World Order, and a North American Islamic caliphate! Stand tall now people while you still have freedom of speech. They have a formula it goes like this:

1.} create an international crisis;

2.} Present an international solution;

3.} Appear as the rescuers while underhandedly taking over.

Sound familiar? kinda like climate change or global warming!

Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health – AIDS and syphilis high in Muslims

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