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Eh America!
Do you know what’s going on; What is happening to you?
From your greatest ally; A Canuck’s point of view
I used to be a snow bird; To get out from the snow
the dog, & Me, in our RV; A South we would go;

But Eh, We saw your broken soldiers;                                                                                 Living all the horrors, Camped on street corners;                             Sunburnt wrapped in gunny, with signs for food & money;                                                                                       We didn’t find it funny, in the land of milk & honey,

We won’t turn  your corners;
Seeing  wounded warriors,
We give UP our coin, to buy them tenderloin;
Men forgotten & broken,   your heroes  unspoken
They’re  men of  honor! not a mere token!

Remember, those wounded warriors,                                                                  that upped themselves for you?
Stopping terrorist cells, isn’t all that they do;
They guarantee freedom of speech; & democracy too;
Trump is the only man; who has made a plan
To help the veteran!
Now it’s getting crazy; we are all affected;
Those with arms & bombs; they are not detected!
Trump is not racist; or anti-Muslim!
Safety , security; is what it is for him
It’s the “real deal” crisis; It’s that Monster Isis!
Some call him a xenophobe; Because of his need to probe
To create a better; Immigration vetter!
End the terror! Close all doors,every nation,
til you know your situation!                                                                                      Veto immigration!

FDR & Churchill to save their land;                                                                      They knew that they had to take a stand;
To put a stop to, Imperial Japan!
Political correctness is just a sham!                                                                What’s so different about Islam?

Do you think that wounded soldier,                                                              Thought twice to bring you through?
Pieces of themselves, is what they upped for you!
Not just arms and legs, They gave so much more
Flashbacks & nightmares keep them unsure,
PTSD is pure torture!
Make your country great again; honor the veteran!


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 That gentle Snowflake

I’ve stoked the fire for the night;
I peer into the moonlight.
that gentle snowflake wafts wane;
meandering its way down
gravity calls it to the ground
wrapping all of vale and lea
in a blanket of twinkling white                                                                                          Oh It’s a wondrous sight  
dispersing its parent cloud
in a sublimation of siblings
the parent cloud hover is stayed  ,
when it dawns a new day
Sublime and melting that gentle snowflake
That gentle snowflake melts it’s way
into the  waters of life 
Take pause that gentle snowflake;
just danced for you
If just for a minute or two.
Bless that gentle snowflake,
It just blessed you!

Gina Dawn
From whence this prose comes from I have not clue.
Strangely familiar and could come from,
the side of my brain they say is gone

I hope I didn’t read it somewhere
that this is not a memory that is caged in my head
in the part of my brain supposedly dead
So if it sounds familiar please tell me true
to plagiarize I shan’t do

Gina Dawn

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Fairy tells

Fairy Tells  “A work in progress” by Gina Dawn  is a collection of Philosophy’s, and Funky Poetry, expressed through her life experience.

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I know this cover needs updating as I  no longer use the pen name Gia Dawn Lane…cover is copyrighted LLC

My book cover jacket… needs updating


The Warrior Princess Spirit sits atop Sleeping beauty mountains, hyper-vigilently rocking the souls of the slain little Princesses, until the Great Spirit takes them up, to breathe new life into them, as he re-births them into the pristine of the Waterfall. As you approach the waterfall, bow your head for a moment and step lightly for you are on sacred ground, as the Waterfalls are the tears shed of the innocent! Which is, like All forms of beauty are spun through a creative alchemy to rebirth into a new and fresh form of beauty!