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A brain injury is probably one of the most complex of all injuries. Think of it like this your brain is your command centre. Even though you’re not thinking it  currently, it is your brain that tells your tongue to move in harmony with the larynx to make words and sounds.  it is from your brain your body regulates its own temperature. through homeostasis and tells your body your cold and to shiver.It is your brain from which you derive all conscious thought. It is also your brain through the corpus callosum   which acts as a receiver that gives you the gift of intuition and forethought.  I am not a neuro-anatomist however I do believe that we receive our connection to all things in the universe  via this same  corpus callosum which connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Being a brain injured survivor myself, I know many of the frustrations that come with a brain injury. I lost the right hemisphere of my brain to a stroke when I was a teenager secondary to a rare blood clotting disorder.  I lost the left side of my body and have been dragging it around ever since.

but that was never the hard part. the hardest part was and still is a memory that comes and goes. this seems to be the common denominator in most brain injured persons. in all the ones I have known anyways.

I have days that my friends tell me” You’re the wittiest  and fastest thinking person I’ve ever known”

However, should I not get enough sleep or I am a little down in the weather all  wit  and quick thinking  disappear.   I seem to gear down into slow motion.

Therefore, should you meet me on a day that I’m stressed or very tired  You might just think ” Is she ever slow”  and you’ll see that in  body language, speed of speech, and  overall movement.

Yet, there are days when I’m well rested and feeling great so much so  one would not even recognize  me as the same person! One of my friends consistently tells me” for such a smart person, you sure are stupid!”

I think that friend is right and it  always makes me laugh!

These are just a few of the complexities of the brain injured!  so in the words of a great Neuro- anatomist {brain specialist/scientist}  and  stroke triumphant;

“I’m in here come find me”                                                                                 Dr. Jill Bolte  Taylor

and from  myself;  I ask you kindly; be patient with me I’m learning more on my good days then on my bad.   Such as how to build a website and become a successful advocate through blogging.

Thanks for reading me;  please feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to stop by again!

"Festina Lenta!" - Make haste with awareness!

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One of the biggest challenges that I experienced in the first few years after the stroke was various persons, some of whom I didn’t even remember. Most of which told me that I owed them money from before the stroke!  There were also people who claimed I gave them many of my personal belongings just before the stroke. I soon learned that in order to protect myself I had to start keeping  tabs. I began writing everything down in a journal I kept by the phone.  Anything I lent out  or I borrowed was written down and initialed by both parties. that was the only way I could think to protect myself.

Opportunists  abound when you have a brain injury or memory challenge.  many folk say that it is human  nature to take for granted and to take advantage.  I do not agree

There are various ways one can protect oneself such as

1.)  Becoming a list person.

2.)  carrying a small tape recorder or Dictaphone wherever you go.  They play back easy, and  I even use  my Dictaphone for my grocery list.  it’s a real lifesaver.  these days we don’t need so much paper.  Most of us have cell phones that we can record on and/or make lists on.

3.)  Researching memory Association techniques and applying the various methods. one can actually boost their short-term memory. Of course it also helps if you have family and friends that are  supportive and understanding rather than  opportunistic and ruthless.

4.)  I have found for myself that doing  cognitive brain exercises such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku,  and Luminosity online.  have helped my short-term memory greatly.

I hope to add more memory improving and memory preserving methods to this list and I would greatly appreciate any input you have.   Therefore please put your ideas in the comment box below.

Thank you  kindly!

“Festina Lenta!” = Make haste with awareness!


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“Festina Lenta!” = “Make haste with awareness”

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