The Man Who Loved Too Much by John D Rachel- A-Book-Review-by-Gina Dawn

The Man Who Loved Too Much by                                      John D.Rachel-
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John D.Rachel, who is one of my favorite authors, always intellectually stimulating. He can tell a story both sardonically and eloquently. His writing is always authentic, gritty and real. His characters are such that everyone can relate to. “The man who loved too much” by John D. Rachel is  an intriguing story of a throw away child named Billy, who despite the dark cloud that  hovers over him, he manages to escape a dysfunctional childhood and get himself into college. This is where the underdog Billy blossoms, but true to form, as is the cycle of life. When one does not learn from their past and childhood, one is doomed to be deceived again in adulthood. That is of course until one finds the lesson and the blessing contained therein. That is  Billy’s journey. Just when you think he has escaped his dysfunctional childhood environment.  Against all odds, he conquers, falls in love,  inwardly happy, yet naïve and trusting. He appears to be doomed as he is victimized again and again as if it is all unfinished business or karma. I’m looking forward to the next volume in this trilogy. Eager to read what future challenges and experiences Billy must conquer!
Thank you for another entertaining, good read John D Rachel! Bring on the next one! 

“Festina Lenta!”   =   “Make haste with awareness!”


I can’t believe that so many people are so naïve. I have been saying for a very long time that certain people are systematically bringing down and disabling the United States and Israel along with the persecution of Christians and the abuse of children. Seems like it’s a package deal. It’s kind of scary actually! Everybody needs to wake up fast before it’s too late! Characteristics I saw in Hillary and Bill, even in Bush and Obama are now being revealed. Many people don’t quite get Sarah Palin and her mountain girl personality. Just as many people don’t get Trump’s personality and flair. Maybe it’s because I too am a mountain girl but I get them both! They both hit me where I live, in my heart! They are the real deal. If you don’t want to be overtaken by cartel and radical Muslims who have crept in the back door of the country then you really need to pay attention to what’s going on! TRUMP is the only hope for America! You don’t have to love or even like his personality and style, however he is exactly what your country needs to rise up and restore itself. Think about it, he is an extremely successful businessman. He fixes things, that’s what he does. He purchases the old and broken and restores, brings back the beauty in all things. Personally I like the man, he reminds me of my Dad. And unlike politicians if he says it he gets it done. Trump has taken a lot of unwarranted criticism and judgment by many who have the need to bring people down so that they can feel bigger. Sort of like the Hillary Clinton type. I sincerely hope you all have the rose color glasses off when it comes to the Clinton family!
I’m all for, freedom of speech and for freedom of religion, and all that sort of thing. However as a mother, I would much rather be accused of being prejudiced and politically incorrect than to give over to a set of people who are easily radicalized and who are taught to decapitate Christian people and to rape children or hurt seniors.! That I would not tolerate! There is a war going on; its international, it’s against Israel, America and all Christians! So wake up people before it’s too late.                                                                       I’m a Canadian who knows we will be inundated next and I’m advocating for Trump because he is the only hope for America!
Proverbs 21:3 To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice!


TRUMP IS THE ONLY HOPE!donald-trump-nbc-instagram-fired-response-racist-immigration-comments__oPt







When I see or read john Rachel, I want to call him Twister, because his writing style reminds me of my quarter horse named Twister who could turn on a dime.

His latest book “BLINDERS KEEPERS” is a political satire of a young man with an idealistic mindset, of “it will all come out in the wash.”

This young man left a boring little town, and his merely being at the wrong place at the wrong time propelled him into an underground fugitive role.

Rachel’s characters in the role of authority or government all fit the the dysfunctional traits of Adult children of Alcoholics, and hysterically so.

I’ve read no other Author who can pen such sardonic quips as Rachel.

His book is chock full of original descriptives like “Teflon enigma” and

“Sock puppet theatre of American Life”

You are a good read Jon Rachel, keep them coming!

Gia Dawn






Another intellectually stimulating, thought provoking read downloadfrom John D.Rachel. A political satire, full of hysterical quips by Hedonistic characters, had me laughing out loud! Delve into the political views of the Author and your in for a great read of captivating characters,many of us can relate to.
I especially liked the dynamic and swish African-American female, “Jamilla”
whose brass with class assertiveness propels Martin Truth forward,out of his shell!
The main character Martin Truth, moves in and out of inertia from disassociation of self, stemming from an unstable child hood, thus fuelled his incessant need to parentify democracy via his naive idealistic approach to politics. Only in America could a delivery boy become a Congressman!
You have sold me again John Rachel, If I was American I would join your pledge to bring back
“We the people” and “Throw the bums out!” You’re a great read!

reviewed by Gina Dawn
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Ev Bishops recent novel Hooked is an interesting read involving complex and deep family dynamics. Once again Ev 51rAAC1IpFL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)Bishop, masterfully sets her story line in a delightful and natural setting. The tranquil part of her story is in the setting, she will put you right there. The complexities of social and karmic interplay will keep you reading. Bishop artfully reveals vulnerability and inner strength in her well-rounded characters. Hooked companions an earlier novel by Bishop that I much enjoyed called “Wedding Bands”
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