Garden fertilizer and Wolves! Yeah Baby!






I’ve only known two people that have had every kind of crap you can think of  thrown at them,  and without fail they stand up  taller,  shinier, and more confident than ever before  Mr. Trump says ” throw me to the wolves,  and I’ll come back  leading the pack,because they know how to turn that crap into garden fertilizer!  Those two people are Eartha Kitt  and Mr. Donald J. Trump!   

From Eartha’s lips to God’s and all of our ears; this is one                                                   dynamite woman. Whom if were alive today; I’m quite certain that she would explain to the youth that George Soros the billionaire from the establishment who is paying the youth group ” black lives matter” to go out and protest anything and everything to do withTrump, in order to cause a race war, try and shut Trump down! and she would tell them that this billionaire Sorros, is just using them to bait a race war, and I know the prejudice, because she was a close friend of Martin Luther King, who marched peacefully, and nonviolently. having studied Eartha Kitt, I believe that she would tell these college-age kids that are paid protesters by George Sorros; That they are being used, by the establishment to try and make Trump look like a racist etc. in this video she delivers at the age of 80 a wonderful discourse about her experience with the White House and being banished for speaking up for the black youth of her day. I could not see her, nor did I see the late great MLK spitting in  people’s faces because you’re getting paid for it by the establishment!! All the while chanting that “black lives matter”  Like these kids today that don’t even realize that the establishment wants him to cause a riot or race war so Obama can order martial law.  I really wish that they were more aware likeMiss Kitt,  who would march and would reiterate that black lives do matter, never a hypocrite though, she would not have done it just for money, nor would she spit on anyone! An amazing, confident and brilliant woman. it’s a damn shame that America exlled her to Germany. I had thought we had come a long way since the Jim Crow laws, and the assassination of the late great Martin Luther King. but I see just as Eartha Kitt says we still have a long way to go!


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