“Without prejudice”

GINA DAWN’s Blog ~ December 2015~ Trumping insight:

Trumping insight: 

On Dec. 7, Trump’s campaign issued a written statement saying that he was “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

This very statement proves that Mr. Trump, has very good insight. There’s definitely something wrong with the Muslim immigration fiasco. My family doctor is from Africa, and he said to me That “there are no people of color, or black persons of Syrian descent and, the young men in these pictures look far more like Somalians and Ethiopians,
Many of whom are HIV positive, with an incurable strain of syphilis. Therefore, the first couple of waves of immigrants through Europe, pillaging and plundering, burning and raping. Were not Syrian refugees at all. My doctor also said that the entire country of Africa is collapsing with the onset of incurable diseases. Which is why he and his family left, to start over here. One would think that these persons, desperate people that they are took advantage of the refugee situation and jumped in front of the line. Now it appears, that the real Syrian refugees with children, babies and elders are out in the cold and starving. Einstein said “there is no such thing as coincidence”
My father said “To maintain the hunters eye, one must be vigilant and hyper-aware. One must become a man watcher. To observe every twitch, every expression, from men walking to Elks Crossing. Look at your dog’s nose,” he would say, “when he sniffs upwards of his own head there is a predatorial animal within his range of scent” my father had incredible insight and foresight and I learned a lot from him. My dad’s name was Donald also, he was of Scottish descent and he was a building contractor. He had a huge heart. Actually his personality is quite similar to Mr. Trump and perhaps that is why I like and respect Mr. Trump so much! I think that like my Dad Mr. Trump has great foresight, particularly when he said “we need to be calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering United States until our countries representatives can figure out what is going on”

When I looked at these photographs of allegedly Syrian  Muslim refugees. I asked myself “what’s wrong with this picture?” They are all black young men who look North African. Definitely not Syrian. They look like the first two waves of immigrants that swarmed Europe. Disease carriers, raping, pillaging, and plundering. Talk about a slow kill. I really hope that all women and children that were violated in Europe from these people have access to medical and emotional support they will need. We know how deadly HIV is! So people open your eyes and ask yourself “what’s wrong with these pictures?” Mr. Trump had it right from the start. I do believe they are a Trojan horse. They are definitely not Syrian refugees. I reiterate my physician who is from Africa told me “there are no black people of Syrian descent” I have noticed also that Pres. Obama has relocated these young men all along coastlines of the United States. Doesn’t fit quite right with me somehow, and I can’t stop thinking what was Obama doing in Ethiopia, for so long, just before the first wave of migrants? And where have all the stolen and missing army fatigues disappeared to! I just watched a video of Michelle Obama stating “the only thing wrong with America is that there are too many white people, and back lives matter” I think that all lives matter! Maybe I’m too suspicious but it would appear that the current administration want a race war. With the anti-police show at the Super Bowl and this promotion of black lives matter! I just don’t get it, why are the Obama’s undoing all of the late great Dr. Martin Luther King’s work? Wake up America! You are being played!
You need to get Mr. Trump safely into the White House, because he is the only person that is capable of sorting out this entire mess! The time is now, take back America, before it’s too late!

“Without prejudice”

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Do these look like Syrians to you?

“Festina Lenta!”  =  “Make haste with awareness!”


GINA DAWN’S BLOG  ~ December 2015

 Dear Mr. Pres., Trump; {well it’s not far from now} ;“Without Prejudice”

I have been blogging, lobbying and praying for you to win, as I believe you are the only candidate who is qualified for the job as president of the United States. Also, You are the only candidate who has the Moxie to throw out illegals, especially violent illegals.

 Under the First Amendment of the Constitution; it reads, freedom of religion means freedom to hold an opinion or belief, but not to take action in violation of social duties or subversive to good order. In Reynolds versus United States 1878, due process clause of the 14th amendment applied the free exercise clause states, while the right to have religious beliefs is absolute, the freedom to act on such beliefs is not absolute. Under free exercise of religion, Main article, the Supreme Court found that while laws cannot interfere with religious beliefs and opinions. Laws can be made to regulate some religious practices e.g. human sacrifice and the Hindu practice of Suttee.

Therefore, would the U.S. Constitution not also apply to the battery, raping, pillaging, dismemberment and decapitation of Christians, and other women and children? Which Muslim’s appear to practice, under their Shari law?

I’m not a citizen of your country however I do have permanent resident status as my late husband was an American naval officer. God rest his soul.
While I’m certain that your list of things to do is monumental and paramount. I also would like to add something to your list. It’s about all those refugees, and the possibility of a” Trojan horse” as you called it. What I’m asking you for, because I love both Canada and the US. Is that you might have an opportunity to speak with and take the naïve blinders off of our young charming, bright but naïve prime minister “Justin Trudeau” because not unlike his father who most Canadians loved for his international diplomacy, brilliance,charisma and leadership. There is one thing that he did that many of us are unhappy about and will never forget. What he did was open the immigration floodgates to our country Canada, letting so many people in the country, that unemployment rates skyrocketed and a new and unseemly character of people are now scattered throughout Canada.
You may not have time to read this but I would like to share a recent experience, which I endured via the hands of said unseemly characters.

First off, let me be clear that I am an advocate for persons with brain injuries, veterans, the disabled and believe strongly in human and civil rights. I also believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. There should be and must be an exception to the rule here, as I’m sure you can appreciate, because you too have precious females in your family.
When a religion, that was originally intended for peace becomes twisted, radicalized and violent, particularly when brought into the Western Hemisphere. We cannot allow immigrants if their religion perpetuates violence to hide under the cloak of freedom of religion. Freedom of religion must not apply when it brings violence or seeks to destroy North America. Most of us are aware of the horrific assaults on women from Muslim radicals disguised as Syrian refugees in Europe. Frankly, I’m surprised that the European governments have not taken serious actions against the perpetrators.

I live in the mountains of the Northern part of British Columbia Canada. A place where one would first have to get through Rocky Mountains, dense forest, grizzly bears, cougars, wolves and raging rivers, {chock-full of salmon} before they even get close to my door. Therefore I feel quite safe, for now.

However, I had to take a trip south to the big city of Vancouver BC not long ago, for medical reasons. I was in the city for about a week.
When it came time to return to the airport. I asked the concierge at my hotel to telephone me a taxi cab. I was only in the cab for a few minutes when the taxi driver began asking me questions. Very weird questions like “do you have any family?”and “do they know where you are?” This made me quite uncomfortable. I said “of course they do, every second of the day, there is a  GPS  on me at all times  and please just head towards the airport” there was no barrier between the front driver’s seat in the back seat where I was sitting. I had my iPhone in my hand and the driver asked me about the picture of the big fluffy dog on my phone. I told him that “I had a kennel and used to raise sled dogs” the driver then began asking me very inappropriate things, as he weaved in and out of alley-ways. He asked me if my dogs did a lot of push push?   At first I was clueless when his next question was “do you enjoy watching your dogs to do push push?” That’s when I clued in.I won’t even write the rest of the deviant things he said he was so nauseating. I told the driver, that I thought his questions were completely inappropriate and disgusting” he continued to drive weaving in and out of back alleys. I was wishing that I had not put my walking stick in his trunk because I’m now thinking I may need a weapon, depending on where he was taking me. I told the driver “my finger is on 911 and there is a very good GPS in my phone, get out of the alley’s, get on a main thorough fare and head towards the airport.” He tried to tell me that he was already doing that. That he was taking a short-cut. Although it had been many years since I was in the city, I have always had a really good sense of direction, and I knew that we were headed towards a predominantly Sikh neighborhood which is the opposite direction of the airport. I told him “turn around, quit screwing around and get me to the airport now!” I should have just pressed my speed dial 911. He complied and turned around  towards the airport. The rest of the 20 minute drive, he became increasingly lewd, crude and offensive. I thought I could steer his mind away from his deviant thoughts and conversation by bringing up his  religion. I told him ”back up north I have friends who are Sikh, and follow the teachings of guru Nanak” as I cited some of the teachings I had read. That seemed to quiet him down for a ways. Finally, he pulled up to the departure terminal and said “okay you pay me now and get out of my taxi” I opened the door, spotting airport security 30 feet away, putting one leg out of the car and said in my loudest voice “No! You need to get my suitcase and walking stick out of the trunk of your car first. Then I will pay you!” One of the terminal security guards was walking directly towards us. The driver begrudgingly did as I asked, and then insisted on a tip for doing so. “Not happening, after the way you have spoken to me!” I said. The security guard noticing that I am paralyzed on one side of my body and that I limped badly offered to help. He carried my luggage inside the terminal. As he walked in he asked me did that Sikh try anything with me. I said he had many personal unseemly questions and tried to make me believe he was driving in the direction of the airport when I knew he was not. But that I finally got him to turn around and go the right way. My instincts told me ; that he had evil intention. The security guard said “Wow are you ever lucky!” And began to tell me of two other females who had not been so lucky. He said that recently a blind girl who was trying to get a cab to the airport was taken the opposite direction and was raped by Sikhs several times over. The other woman apparently was also disabled. She had been found in an alley unable to get up or to her wheelchair which was mangled about 30 feet away from her. She had the same experience as the blind girl. I told the security guard, “I’m a real news hound, and never heard anything about this?” He said “it didn’t make the news, that both victims were  too afraid to speak out publicly.” And that he only knew about it because both girls were taken by taxicab into an unfamiliar area; when they were supposed to be delivered to the airport, and security had been advised to keep alert in regards to females in taxicabs. I shuddered, realizing that indeed I had been lucky and vowing to myself to never put my walking stick in the trunk of the cab again. This really sucks because I can’t phone a taxicab and ask for a Canadian or born in Canada driver. I would be charged for discrimination!
This political correctness has outgrown its time and size. Especially when it protects violent cultures. North American or otherwise!

So I say please, please do not allow any more refugees or immigrants into the United States or Canada. Mr. Donald J. Trump is right they may just be Trojan horses, and I say “We are only hurting ourselves. Doesn’t the very term “freedom of religion” translate to the freedom to believe a certain belief system, and  worship God in your own way. 

It is not a right to heinously hurt other people, and therefore it shouldn’t be a qualifier for the cloak of protection, under the freedom of religion act.

Wake up America! The devil is in the White House!


 Open your eyes; Obama “could sell ice cubes to Eskimos!” He has told so many lies, in particular passing himself off as a wholesome man of diplomacy. Kinda reminds me of when he first passed himself off as a Christian only to reveal after he was in office; that he really is a Muslim. Between, Obama and that pale horse Hillary Clinton, who can spin on a dime better than any quarter horse I’ve ever had. She is slowly but surely being revealed as a facilitator of darkness. How can you trust her, she makes sure career criminals are pardoned. The ones that scam Seniors, is most disturbing, as this current administration have just ripped off Senior citizen’s of their retirement security pension. For whom many that was the only income they had. Despicable! I’ll attach the video Hillary career criminal below.


How convenient to have your server and all your emails vanish before the final query into the Benghazi fiasco! I’m watching Mr. Gowdy question Hillary; “Go Mr. Gowdy Go!”

This women knows how to side step a question. I’m certain there’s much more Hillary has her hooves dug into and it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out. As an advocate, I really feel for the Mother’s and families of those men in Benghazi, as I am sure that most people do. One would hope that the Obama Administration compensates the families of these heroes! {not that anything can compensate for the loss of life of a Loved one.}

If the Obama administration can afford to give billions to a country that houses radicals that hate America, Israel and Christianity. They need to quit pussyfooting around and Step up to the plate to take responsibility for the the heroes of Benghazi, and their families left behind.. Hillary is a disgrace to womanhood! Obama sickens my soul.

I actually believed in Obama at first when he was elected. How great it was to finally see a black person as commander and chief in the Whitehouse, and was thinking about the late great Martin Luther King’s dream that perhaps it’s time had come. Martin Luther King was a man of integrity, great substance, respect and anti-corruption. Obama! You are an embarrassment to his  legacy. I cried for Martin Luther King today.
Is it Obama or Oh- bomb-us? This administration should be in jail.

Why would anyone give Israel’s and America’s nemesis, Iran the financial ability which could facilitate the annihilation of America, Israel,  Christian’s, and other innocents?  A brilliant mind once said “Learn and remember your history otherwise you are doomed to repeat it” remember what happened in Auschwitz? I really hope no one is buying the lying repetitive rhetoric that comes out of this Obama Administration and their subterfuge.

Is it Obama or Oh- bomb-us!

Clinton and Obama appear unscathed over the soldiers who died in the Benghazi fiasco. So how can they expect anyone to believe Obama’s crocodile tears when he says “every time I think of those children who were killed” and then his eyes leak. He is definitely a player, big time and  a phony I think he deserves an Academy award for his great acting and lip service; and he just might, get one; given the fact that he and the Clinton’s use the White House as a pavilion to entertain celebrities. I really can’t understand how people can take a president seriously when he has rap stars and celebrities to do his introduction for a state of the union address. Not that I have any thing against, rap stars, celebrities and the like.
However, isn’t being President, a job of mature responsibility, running a great nation ? Looks more like a Gong show!

The very same administration and their associates have the audacity to mockingly say that “ Mr. Trump is colorful, and puts on a good show, but that he is merely an entertainer, a TV personality and not a serious candidate.”Clearly the door only swings one way. The envy way! Envy of a man of conscience,tradition, and a very successful businessman. The REAL DEAL Donald Trump! THE REAL DEAL TRUMP! He is the way to ensuring that North America will survive and thrive!

Beautiful people of America get a real man in your White House. There is only one of those running for president and you know who he is!