To the mainstream globalist rigged media:

To the mainstream globalist rigged media:

We’re sick of your sensationalism,        We’ve had it with your hype;                          Pick on someone smaller;                           Trump is not your type

So you can take your brainwash,              Stay your happenstance
Trump was born a scrapper,                  nothing is by chance!

Foolish outrage, for words said long ago
Only proves, You’re priorities are low;
Behind your smoke screen,                   Clinton crimes  still flow!

All you proved is,                                                Trump likes beauty women;
He proved that when,                                           he married the best of them!

He has so many a breath,                                             to get it all done,
For all time, He will be our one!

Taking on your smear campaign,            should have never been;
Makes no matter,                                       Trump  will always win!

Because all the King’s horses,                       and all the King’s men;
Won’t put your horse poop,                 together again!

You gave us fake polls,                                        & tried to take us in;
Patriotism soars,                                                   the ice you walk is thin!

So sell your wares elsewhere
or stick them on a shelf!                                We don’t need your malarkey
sell it to somebody else!

Globalist’s, YOU can get bent;             Trump’s the people’s President!

To quote a great man.                                          & make the country great again;
“Americanism, not globalism,                    will be our credo!”

“No return ~ No surrender!”

Gina Dawn for the Deplorables!

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