40% of registered voters need help getting to the polls

40% of registered voters need help getting to the polls

Don’t miss those 40% of eligible voters!

40% of eligible voters fall in these categories, either disabled or elderly, both at the level that they need assistance coming and going. I’m an advocate in Northern Canada. I have permanent resident status in America… My late husband was an American Naval officer.

I haven’t lived in the States since "Obombus" became the President.

Anyways, back in the North, as an advocate, for Vets, the brain injured, seniors rights, and in general anyone with a disability. I fight for them!
Where I live we vote, by municipality, and I asked my clients if they were registered to vote? Half of them said “No, I can’t walk that far to vote!” I wanted to see the person who was most likely to help those I advocate for get into office. It’s not legal to tell people who to vote for, but neither is it illegal to rent a van with a lift and drive the disabled the weak, and or elderly, to the polls, and help them on and off the van. I ended up driving a few hundred people to the polls, and guess what? The person we wanted to win did so by a handful of votes!   29                                                                                                 As a Trump supporter, just a suggestion!

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