2nd amendment


It wasn’t too long ago; when Obama tried via
ExecutiveOrder to take  away the Second  Amendment.  When Congress didn’t push through Obama’s wishes, I said to my friend “just watch  what happens now”… my friend said ” what do you mean?”  I retorted  ” it would appear to me that  the Democrats are desperately determined and sometimes illegally get what they want and it looks like they will stop at nothing to get what they want . Mark my words all of a sudden there will be several shooting sprees.  so then Obama can execute  crocodile tears and try to tell us that we should all give up our Second Amendment to make America a safer place.”

 That’s the exact same thing that Hitler said to the people,  and it worked in his case anyways.  Don’t be foolish people, You are being played by your current administration and the establishment who increasingly looks more and more as if they truly want a one world government in which we are all bagged and tagged!  I watched a very articulate and attractive black lady tonight on CNN her name  is Dr. Danielle Allen, apparently she is a Post-OP – ED writer.  I was quite shocked listening to such an articulate person speaking like a  blather-skate.  She compared Mr. Trump to Hitler, and insisted that Mr. Trump was taking everyone’s First Amendment by speaking his mind.   I now have banned both Fox News and CNN news from ever entering my living room again.  They flip the race card  whichever way  is most  advantageous to them at the time. It’s become quite apparent that someone high up in the establishment or UN, both of which are run by the same people.  That they are directing the media. ,  I am quite shocked that Americans would even sink so low  as to compare Trump  to that  Nazi  Hitler;  and/or the despicable KKK.

If Mr.   Trump  were prejudiced he would not have black celebrities endorsing him,  nor would he have employees and friends of all creeds and color.

 This race card thing and political correctness have been long over-played,  and  intelligent people  should put it to rest. An example of obvious abuse was Obama’s behavior,  a man not even black, but Islamic,  pretending to be black,  and it would appear he is trying to start a race war. with his removal of the Second Amendment and  his promotion of what he calls “Black lives matter”  don’t you think  as a country of multicultural diversity “That all lives matter!”

 Please stay vigilant people and don’t believe everything you hear but think things through. The establishment is desperate to steal your best chance at freedom and that means all of us.  There truly is only one equal opportunity player amongst the candidates and it is  the MAN

the self-made man Donald J  Trump!

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