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As per Ev Bishop’s usual style, her book settings are enticing so that they draw her readers in at the onset. In her novel Wedding Bands,
the culinary descriptions alone will leave you salivating and famished.
Bishop portrays characters liken to the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire, which is the roller coaster ride of life.
Bishop astutely portrays the natural essence of the human being in that the enigmatic characters continually surprise us.
I’m pleased to hear that this book has a series to follow as I’m now entrenched in Bishop’s relentless, outdoorsy, charming and authentic characters.
Can’t wait to see which direction they take us next.
Good on you Ev Bishop Cheers!

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind review, Dawn. I’m thrilled you enjoyed WEDDING BANDS.

    And congratulations on your new website and ongoing creative endeavors! Very exciting. 🙂


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