Another intellectually stimulating, thought provoking read downloadfrom John D.Rachel. A political satire, full of hysterical quips by Hedonistic characters, had me laughing out loud! Delve into the political views of the Author and your in for a great read of captivating characters,many of us can relate to.
I especially liked the dynamic and swish African-American female, “Jamilla”
whose brass with class assertiveness propels Martin Truth forward,out of his shell!
The main character Martin Truth, moves in and out of inertia from disassociation of self, stemming from an unstable child hood, thus fuelled his incessant need to parentify democracy via his naive idealistic approach to politics. Only in America could a delivery boy become a Congressman!
You have sold me again John Rachel, If I was American I would join your pledge to bring back
“We the people” and “Throw the bums out!” You’re a great read!

reviewed by Gina Dawn
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