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Gina Dawn’s Blog ~ June 2016~ PURE EVIL


“What difference does it make? ” I assure you Hillary; to the families of those you murdered via “dereliction of duty” in Benghazi, it makes all the difference in the world and I don’t believe you should get a pass on this one! Wasn’t your trail of 40 dead bodies {close alliances of the Clintons, who died mysteriously over the years, while one or both of them was in the Whitehouse} enough murder and debauchery for one lifetime? Apparently not!
Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Obama administration are all pure evil and it won’t be hard to prove!
I want to send out a message to the Black youth of America, particularly those who are jumping headfirst into the black lives matter group which has become increasingly violent towards law enforcement officers and civilians who are trying to execute their rights to freedom of speech! Before you choose to become violent towards those who are assembling peacefully and are really not against you. Remember this; it was Michelle Obama who started the Black Lives Matter revolution, some of you have even been to the White House for encouragement toward violence! You are being used as pawns in the political arena! The Democrats could care less about you! Remember, it was the Republicans who freed you from slavery! It was Pres. Bill Clinton who called you “super predators” and it was Hillary Clinton who said “yes, super predators, ones that cannot be made to come to heel!” I don’t know about you, but if someone said that about me I would think they were calling me a mutt! But that’s the Clinton and Obama recipe for the country to set one group against another, no worries though they’ll be there to clean up the spoils! Was it not also Bill Clinton who change laws so that nonviolent criminal offenders would receive much longer jail sentences? He did so in the name of cleaning up America, especially of super predators! But now there are far too many single-parent households on welfare! The more I think about this and the Clinton connection to the elites, their pedophile Islands and such, the more I’m inclined to think that leaving young black families fatherless and vulnerable may have been the plan to begin with! The amount of missing Black youth and children has risen to staggering figures ever since the Clintons entered the White House! Sounds diabolical I know but that’s what you get when people are “PURE EVIL”
so before you burn down your neighborhood, trash another police car, beat up a nonviolent person in a public place, remember that all lives matter, that you are being used to start the biggest race war in history and you need to keep one eye open and on your children at all times! Lest the black youth of America get duped again!
p.s. Undoing the lifetime of civil rights work that Martin Luther King sacrificed his life for is not the answer! I saw the ads on Craig’s list that read. “we will pay you 15$hour to protest violently isn’t worth it because you are being had by the democrats who screwed you over in the first place!






















It’s Hillary’s M. O.

2 faced Hillary



“Killing two birds with one stone,” or doing the Hillary side-step,  You know the one, she will tell you to look to the right; as she vanishes into the smoke and  mirrors, while she escapes to the left  like she did with  Benghazi, as she did with her email skulduggery!and  more!

I didn’t notice the first few protesters, I didn’t know until I saw a protester or protesters wearing Bernie Sanders shirts, and chanting his name!  I thought to myself   “that’s classic Hillary”  A reporter once said ” Hillary refuses defeat, and she will stop at nothing to get her way…”

Job17 :8  “Upright men shall be astonished at this and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite and that is why people are crying out of wrong”

Here is that Hillary with her crafty tongue and fraudulent ways! With all this diabolical behavior, I’m astonished that she has the audacity to call our future president  Mr. Trump, a racist, a divider?  Can you believe  it, of course you can it’s her M.O.?


“Festina Lenta!” = “Make haste with  awareness”