GINA DAWN’S BLOG ~ Deplorable Demon-ocratic debating…..”Without prejudice”

Deplorable Demon-ocratic debating…..”Without prejudice”

I must say Mr. Trump certainly picked the right man as his running mate “Mike Pence”’who presented himself as a man of humility, high intelligence and strength.
I thought that, “creepy Kaine” was exceptionally rude, obnoxious, with zero social grace. All he did was race-bait and make personal attacks on Mr. Trump. The demon-ocratic twisting and turning of everything Trump has said is just ludicrous.
Hildebeast, and CNN’s actions during the first debate were so robotic and so obviously rehearsed. No-one is falling for it anymore!
They used every psychological trick in the book to seduce the common sense out of people. Do you really think that voters will relate to one who attempts to personalize by expressing her Grandchild’s birthday? NOT! I couldn’t vote for a candidate just because they are female. I for one am more concerned with whats in a persons heart and whats between their ears than what’s between their…
Mother, Grandmother, woman whatever… Hillary’s essence of pure evil radiates above it all!
Killery’s attempts at portraying that Mr. Trump is only in it for how he will personally profit are asinine and insulting! Labelling Mr. Trump as a privileged son of white, rich people, and trying to convince the audience of his agenda to decrease taxes for the already wealthy don’t fly well. When we all know that you have massive contributions to your campaign by cartel, communists, globalists and terrorists! Those who listened understood that Mr. Trump’s tax cut plan will promote job growth across the board.
The debate moderator looked terrified the whole evening, and ran off the stage at the finale’ and I’m not surprised considering Hitlery’s history of “abuse of power” She falsely portrayed her father as a small businessman, and a paltry, draper Daddy” Hugh Rodham was Al Capone’s copilot in the Chicago mafia.Everyone online knows that the trail of corpses behind her is 40 plus! No wonder the Clintons believe they are above the law. Even ex Secret Service members who have spoken publicly about the fits of rage, the throwing of things at members and even the chewing of rugs in HRC’s moments of frustration, are now too afraid to say anything against the Clinton crime family. It’s “Psy-ops 101 & debate debauchery”

They think we are all stupid out here in cyber-space, but we are not!
The debate commission, specifically ruled no ear pieces, yet clearly both Hillery and the moderator were wearing them. The battery pack is clearly seen on her butt. Her fact checking statement proved that she and CNN’s moderator were both hooked up to a team, behind the scene. The moderator, interrupted Mr. Trump 40 times or more and the demon-ocratic candidate only 6 or 7 times. Rigged? Absolutely 100%! This debate was clearly two against one, and try as they did, to fluster and provoke Mr. Trump; he came out as the more Presidential one, capable of keeping a level head. I haven’t watched CNN in a very long time, because of the corruption within their ranks, and don’t believe I’ll ever watch them again! Too much malarkey for me!

Clinton was clearly on the personal attack track towards Mr. Trump; however he proved he had sophisticated savvy;
When she arrogantly and condescending said “the Donald lives in his own kind of reality” I had to laugh, because let’s look at his reality;
1. All members of the Trump family, are intelligent,poised, positive,attractive and they shine!
2. In his world, business is highly productive and profitable without resorting to crime or intimidation tactics.
3. Mr. Trump really cares about the American people, he has reiterated the fact that he does not need this political appointment and all the underhanded propaganda that comes with it! Mr. Trump really cares about the American people, and the future of the United States of America! He doesn’t need the money that’s for sure, nor does he want political power to do like some do and use that power to line their own pockets and steal earthquake relief monies from the less fortunate.
4. Mr. Trump speaks respectfully of the Russian leaders and expresses his intentions of preferring good business deals, that could help all sides while other politicians imply that Trump is besties with Putin, these same politicians sold American mined uranium to Russia via their pay for play slush account that they call a charity.
5. Mr. Trump does not have a hidden agenda to take your guns, nor does he have plans of staging riots and shootings so that other politicians can take your second amendment, which is the right for a law-abiding citizen to own a firearm. Mr. Trump made it clear that guns need to be taken from criminals, gang bangers, and illegals. As it is these groups of people who are the perpetuators of violent crime and murder. Unlike some politicians who would take the Second Amendment from law-abiding citizens and then sell out what’s left of America!
6. In the Trump reality, African-Americans are lifted up and not imprisoned forever for a misdemeanor.whereas other politician’s will use them to get into office, and then label them as “super-predators, who cannot be brought to heel.” I truly hope North American black people realize that the race-baiting and riot making is designed to hurt you in the end, by the demon-ocrats,

I do believe that Mr. Trump’s reality is the healthiest and best reality for all!

In regards to the “birther issue” again Mr. Trump took the high road and poured his focus into future prosperity. This is still an issue to me, because it’s so contrived. Firstly, look at online pictures of Obama with his Kenyan family, there is zero resemblance. I don’t believe that Obama is even black, he looks far more Indonesian! And why so much cover up in regards to his birth certificate? One need not be a rocket scientist to clearly see that many layers and layer masks were used on that paper, and the font in parts can be identified as a Microsoft Word font.
Mrs. Clinton may call her President. “a man of dignity”, if she chooses. The same man I saw on tv during his first campaign who declared he was a Christian, while on the Oprah show. But currently is seen in Muslim garb in photos across the web {misrepresentation} and tells people Contradicting his self-proclaimed Christianity that “one should not slander the prophet of Islam” as he opens borders in cahoots with globalist Nazi collaborators who have already destroyed much of the world with their flooding of refugees, most of whom are military aged men, and some of whom have participated in terrorist acts!
Respectfully Mrs. Clinton you know what you can do with your wannabe dignified president! I call it hypocrisy!

She was grinning like a Cheshire cat and her body language spoke loudly of a predetermined future. We do know that on October 1st globalist corporations will be taking over the Internet and if anything happens to Savage or Alex Jones we will know who’s responsible, won’t we? To quote a great man “Americanism, not globalism will be our credo” and it may take an uprising but I do believe that the globalists have underestimated the amount of patriots who are willing to stand and fight for their country and their freedoms!